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Notice to CJA Attorneys Delay in Implementation of Electronic CJA Vouchering System in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

In late spring or summer, 2013, the Court of Appeals will implement the electronic CJA vouchering system that has been developed by the Defender Services branch of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts in Washington. At the district court level, the Eastern and Western Districts of Texas will begin the implementation at the same time, and the other district courts will follow during the course of the year.

The new eCJA system will have considerable advantages over the current paper process -- it should make voucher submission easier and voucher processing faster. However, attorneys will have to learn to use the application in order to submit vouchers. From an attorney's perspective, using the new system is relatively simple, and we believe that attorneys will be able to master the necessary steps without difficulty. Instructional material and other user information will be posted on our website as it becomes available. The electronic forms essentially duplicate the paper ones now in use, and the rules about compensation for time and expense items are not being changed.

We will, of course, be happy to assist panel attorneys in working with the system.

In order to effectuate the changeover, we will not be able to accept paper vouchers after a date approximately two weeks before the date set for implementation. Once the eCJA system is in place, it will be accessible through the internet and available for attorneys' use. There may be a short delay in beginning to make payments with the new system, as that cannot occur until all of the outstanding paper vouchers have been processed and paid. We will make every effort to accomplish this task as quickly as possible.

Please check this website for updates.

4-09, PDF format, authored by the Judicial Council of the Fifth Circuit
2-27-2013, PDF format

For assistance with CJA vouchers, please contact the CJA Administrator at or call (504) 310-7765
You may submit your CJA voucher for payment in the following ways:
  1. Via facsimile to (504) 310-7583
  2. Via email to
  3. Via mail to:
Attn: CJA Administrator
Appellate Conference Attorneys' Office
600 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

For assistance with Travel Arrangements, please call (504) 310-7763
or send email to
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