Q: I’ve been appointed to represent a defendant, but the case is not showing up in the appointments section on my home page. What went wrong?

A: After accepting a new appointment, the case information should show up on your home page within a week or so. Be sure that you are looking in the Appointments List section and not the My Active Documents section. Be sure you check for entries on a second or subsequent page. (Use the hyperlink at the bottom of the Appointments List section to get to subsequent pages.)

If the case is not listed, please email the CJA Help Desk at 504-310-7799 or cja_request@ca5.uscourts.gov and provide the following information:

  • Defendant's Name
  • Case Number
  • Date of Appointment

Q: I’m trying to enter my time, but I get a message that the “services/expenses are out of the Voucher Start and End dates.” What do I do?

A: In order to change the start and end dates so that the time or expenses you are trying to enter fall within the dates, go to the Claim Status page. Either type in the earliest date and the latest date--or click on the calendars and click on the earliest and latest dates.

Then go to the bottom of the page and clickSave. voucherstartenddates_save
It is best to get into the habit of checking the start and end dates before beginning to enter time or expenses on a voucher.

Q: I already submitted my voucher but now I realize I made a mistake on it. Can I get it back?

A: Yes. You will need to contact the CJA Help Desk at 504-310-7799 or cja_request@ca5.uscourts.gov and request that your document is returned to you.  When it arrives back on your home page, it will be highlighted in bright yellow.

If the entire document was a mistake, you can delete it by clicking Delete Draft ​ in the voucher interface, once it has been returned to you.

Q:How do I know if I’m getting close to the statutory maximum for attorney services?

A: In order to review the amount of fees and expenses you have been paid in a case, please refer to the Reports that are listed on the left-hand side of any of the voucher screens.

If you choose either of the Defendant Budget Reports (summary or detail) you will see a table showing the total fees and expenses pending and approved.

Q:How do I check the status of a voucher?

A: Once a voucher has been submitted for review and approval, it moves from the My Active Documents area of the home page to the My Submitted Documents area.

While the voucher is being reviewed and approved, the status will look like this:

Once the voucher has been approved by the court and entered for payment, you will receive an email and the voucher will move to the Closed Vouchers area with an updated status.

Once your voucher is closed, your check should arrive in seven to ten days. If you have questions about the status of your voucher, please contact the CJA Help Desk at 504-310-7799 or cja_request@ca5.uscourts.gov. Providing this information will result in a faster response time.

Q:One of the documents I submitted is back on my homepage, but it is now bright yellow. Why is that?

A: If a document that you have submitted reappears on your homepage, highlighted in yellow, the document has been returned to you for further action.
Please understand that we cannot edit your voucher. So, if even a small change is needed, the only way to do that is to return the voucher so that you can make the change.

You will find an explanation for this action in the notes section on the confirmation page of the voucher. Contact us if you have questions about why a document was sent back to you.

CJA Help Desk (504) 310-7799 or cja_request@ca5.uscourts.gov

Q:eVoucher keeps signing me out while I’m still entering data to it. How do I prevent losing the voucher I am working on?

A: eVoucher does not have an automatic save feature.

If your browser closes or you navigate away from eVoucher, you will lose all data entered since your last save. Select Save at the bottom of the screen regularly!

eVoucher automatically closes, for security reasons, if it does not detect "action" within a specified period of time. Entering time does not register with the program as an "action."

Performing functions such as saving data, submitting a voucher, and closing a voucher will register as activity that will reset the timer for eVoucher to remain open.

Q: When I try to submit the voucher, I receive an error message that “the date of this voucher is before the appointment date.” What do I do?

A: Make sure that you are not entering time or expenses incurred prior to the date the court of appeals appointed you. If you believe the appointment date in eVoucher is incorrect, contact the 5th Circuit CJA Help Desk at 504-310-7799 or cja_request@ca5.uscourts.gov.  Please provide the following information:

  • Defendant's Name
  • Case Number
  • Date of Appointment

Q: Can I put all of my time entries in chronological order?

A: Yes, on the Services page, click on the Date column heading and all of your time entries will be placed into chronological order. To reverse the listing, click Date again. The arrow will point the opposite direction and the dates will be in reverse chronological order. chronorder

Q: How do I submit receipts or invoices for expenses that exceed $50?

A: This works just like filing a document in CM/ECF

Save the document as a PDF on your computer. Then, open the voucher or authorization and go to the Documents page.

Click Browse. Find the PDF document you wish to upload and select it. The file name will appear in the File box. You may include a description of the document, such as 'hotel receipt" or "expert's resume."


Click Upload.