CJA eVoucher
CJA eVoucher is the Electronic Voucher Management System for use by court-appointed counsel. The system allows for electronic submission, management, and approval of CJA vouchers.
How to Use eVoucher
eVoucher FAQs
CJA 20/30s
CJA 21/31s
CJA 24s
  • As of December 1, 2015, CJA 24s will no longer be processed by the Court of Appeals for payment in eVoucher. Please contact the CJA administrator at the originating district court for information about that district’s processing of CJA 24 vouchers
Payment Memoranda

For questions or inquiries about the eVoucher system, contact the CJA Help Desk at cja_request@ca5.uscourts.gov or (504) 310-7799.