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Creating an Authorization for Expert Services Exceeding $800

If the total cost of services per type of service per case will exceed $800.00, advance authorization is required. Counsel must complete an Authorization request in CJA eVoucher.

1. Select the case link from the Appointments List on your Home screen.

2. The Appointment Info page opens. Select Auth - Create.

3. The Basic Info page opens. Enter the pertinent information, providing sufficient information to enable the court to rule on the request. Specifically: a. Enter Estimated Amount

b. Enter Basis of Estimate: Enter the rate (not to exceed court-approved rates) times the estimated hours for interpreter, paralegal, or law clerk services or times the estimated number of words for translator services. Upload any written estimate from the service provider at the Documents tab. i. Interpreter Services: Estimated number of hours x $59/hour for a federally certified interpreter or $35/hour for a non-certified interpreter (certification is not required);

ii. Translator Services: Estimated number of words x $165 per 1,000 words

iii. Paralegal Services: Estimated number of hours x $35/hour

iv. Law Clerk Services: Estimated number of hours x $25/hour


c. Enter Description of Services: Describe the services and why they are necessary to the representation.

d. Select Service Type.

e. Enter Requested Provider.


4. IMPORTANT! There is no auto save feature in CJA eVoucher. Select the Save button at the bottom of the screen often to save your data. If you navigate away from the page, you will receive a warning message indicating you will lose any unsaved work. If you wish to return to eVoucher and save your work, select Stay on this Page.


5. Select Next at the bottom of the screen or Documents at the top of the screen.

6. Upload the written estimate of the service provider.

7. Select Next at the bottom of the screen or Confirmation at the top of the screen.

8. Check the affirmation box.

9. Select Submit.

10. Counsel will receive an email from the court when the authorization has been approved. See Creating & Submitting a CJA21/31 for an Interpreter or Translator for information on filing service provider vouchers.