• Fifth Circuit CJA eVoucher is available  here

    Approved Browsers

    • Windows Internet Explorer 8 or newer
    • Internet Explorer 11 requires enabling compatibility mode before attempting to log in. See eVoucher FAQ further details.
    • Apple Safari 5.1 or newer
    • Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers may not be used with eVoucher.

    User Name and Password Not Working

    If you have forgotten your password, select the "Forgot your login?" link on the eVoucher login page to reset your password.

    If your password has expired and you need to reset your password, select the "Forgot your login?" link on the eVoucher login page.  

    Complete the user name and/or email section and click the "Recover Login" button.  You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

    If you have entered your user name and password unsuccessfully 3 or more times, your account will be locked.  You must to contact the court to unlock your account. The 5th Circuit CJA Help Desk is available at 504-310-7799 and cja_request@ca5.uscourts.gov..

  • If the Billing Info section of your Profile does not allow for selection of Self-Employed or Firm:

    • Verify that you have properly completed the Attorney Info section, including entering and confirming your social security number. The social security number must be in the ###-##-#### format. All attorneys, except those billing as an associate, must provide their social security number in the Attorney Info section, even if the Billing Info section will include a EIN for a firm.
    • Click the Save button in the upper right of the Attorney Info section before moving to the Billing Info section.
    • If the Billing Info section still does not allow you to select Self-Employed or Firm, log out of eVoucher and then log back in.

    Once the Attorney Info and Billing Info sections are complete, you must log out and log back in to see your home page and appointments.

    SAVE OFTEN! eVoucher does not have an automatic save feature. you should click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen often to avoid losing data. If you navigate away from the eVoucher screen, you will lose all data since your last save.

    If you navigate away from a data entry screen, the message below will appear.  Select "Leave this page" to leave without saving.  Select "Stay on this page" to save your work before leaving.

    Entering Claims for Services

    Attorneys should enter claims for all work done in a case contemporaneously. Receipts and invoices, when necessary for a claim, should be saved in .pdf format and attached to the electronic voucher when it is submitted.

    Service and/or expenses are out of the voucher start and end dates.
    Service Date Error

    All services and expenses claimed on a voucher must fall between the start and end dates on the Claim Status page.  If you receive the error message above, navigate to the claim status page and edit the start and end dates to match the dates of services and expenses.

    Claim Status

    You cannot submit a voucher for an expert who is not yet in the system. Expert Error Message
    If an expert has not been previously added to the 5th Circuit CJA eVoucher system, you will have to wait until the court processes their account to submit a voucher on their behalf.