How to Use CJA eVoucher

Access training, quick tips, FAQs, and help desk: The court's CJA eVoucher page offers Electronic Learning Modules, an Attorney Manual, and focused training tools. Quick Tips and FAQs offer trouble-shooting solutions, and a CJA help desk is available at or 504-310-7799.

Use compatible browser and settings: CJA eVoucher works only with Safari 5.1 or newer and Internet Explorer 8 or newer. On Windows 8 or Internet Explorer 11, your browser must be set to Compatibility mode. Set your cache to “Every time I visit the webpage” to avoid loss of data. See Connecting and Signing On FAQs.

Hit the Save button often: CJA eVoucher times out periodically for security reasons and does not recognize data entry until the Save button is pressed. Avoid data loss by hitting the Save button often!

Create new password--add and save attorney information--add and save billing information: You will receive a CJA eVoucher notice for cases pending in the court as of December 1, 2015, and for any new appointments. Follow the First Login Instructions to create your password, attorney information, and billing information. Passwords must be at least eight characters and contain one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character.

Create CJA 20 or 30 voucher: Case appointments appear in the Appointments List folder on your home page. The CJA eVoucher format for appellate case number 15‑4950 is: 3:14‑AP-04950 (the first 3 in the CJA eVoucher number is associated with the district from which the case arises). Follow the Creating a CJA 20 Instructions to create a voucher and enter your services and expenses. Note that you will receive an error message unless you set the begin date in the Claim Status tab to reflect the date your representation began.

Submit CJA 20 or 30 voucher: Under the Claim Status tab, set your begin and end dates to cover the first and last dates claimed on the voucher and answer all questions on the Claim Status page. Upload any required documents using the Documents tab. See Checklist for CJA 20 and 30 Vouchers. Under the Confirmation tab, review the voucher, check the box affirming the truth and correctness of the voucher, and submit the voucher to the court. You will receive a Success message upon successful submission, and the case will move to your Submitted Documents folder. Requirements for CJA 20 and 30 Vouchers are set out in the include the following:

  • Vouchers should be filed within 45 days of entry of judgment, denial of rehearing, or filing of a petition for certiorari, whichever is later.
  • All vouchers must include an Attorney Certification which is available on the Forms page (link to CJA FORMS page )
  • Time may not be claimed for non-appointed co-counsel or associate counsel unless (1) the court has granted a motion in CM/ECF to approve the use of associate counsel or (2) associate counsel is a member of appointed counsel’s firm.
  • Travel that exceeds 4 hours round trip driving time, air travel, or overnight travel, other than for oral argument, must be pre-authorized by the Senior Conference Attorney and must be requested in writing (e-mail is preferred).

Create and submit CJA 21 or 31 authorization: Click on the case you wish to work with in the Appointments List folder (not My Active Documents) and select Auth under Create New Voucher. Counsel must create and submit an authorization for any expert services in excess of $800 before the services are provided, including paralegal, law clerk, interpreter, translator, and duplication services. Use the instructions for Creating an Authorization for Expert Services Exceeding $800 The court will add any new service provider when it receives counsel’s authorization through CJA

Create and submit CJA 21 or 31 voucher: Click on the case you wish to work with in the Appointments List folder and select CJA 21 or CJA 31 under Create New Voucher. Use the instructions for Creating & Submitting a CJA 21/31 for an Interpreter or Translator to create the voucher. Counsel then reviews and approves the completed voucher for submission to the court. For all other CJA 21 and 31 vouchers, counsel will need to enter the expert's services and expenses, upload the invoice, and approve the data. Counsel will then select and approve the voucher again to submit it for payment.

Order transcript on CJA 24 and follow any further instructions from the district court: As of December 1, 2015, CJA 24’s are no longer processed by the Court of Appeals for payment in eVoucher. Transcripts will be ordered and paid through the district court. Please contact the CJA administrator in the originating district court for information about that district’s processing of CJA 24 vouchers.